Placeholders are text fields that you are prompted to complete when you create an issue from a template. For example, a 'full name' placeholder may be used in a New Starter template.

To begin, set your issue as a template. Full instructions can be found here.

Once this has been done, open the design of your issue by selecting the
Open Design button.  

You can then add/edit a Text or Story panel, position your cursor where you would like to add your placeholder and select the placeholder icon.


In the Add New field type in thPlaceholder_-_enter_new_2.jpge name of your placeholder - for example, Full Name.

Select Ok.

Save your changes by selecting the Save button.

Below is an example of how your template will now look:


When you create a new issue using the template you will be prompted to complete any placeholders on the Create a destination issue page.

Below is an example of how a new issue will look when the placeholder has been completed:

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