A poll module allows a reader to cast their vote in order to indicate their preference for one of a number of options. Poll results are shown to the reader after they have voted in the poll.

Top tip!
Readers are only able to vote in a poll once, so the results are very difficult to skew.
  • To begin select Manage for your issue, followed by Interactivity.
  • Select the Assessments module category from the Interactivity Module palette. chrome_2018-02-01_10-36-19.png
  • Select Poll.
  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive - this will be the interactive area of your first poll answer.

Adding poll answers

  • (1) The Edit Poll Content box will open and you can type your first poll answer into the Answer field.
  • (2) To add another poll answer select the Add Answer button.


  • (3) You can then click and drag out another box which will become the clickable area for your next poll answer.
  • (4) The Edit Poll Content box will open again and you can enter your second poll answer into the
    Answer field.
    Repeat steps 2 - 4 as many times as needed until you have all your poll answers
  • When you are happy with all your answers select the Save button.
  • It's easy to see which clickable archrome_2018-02-01_12-33-42.pngeas belong to your poll as they will all have a link icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • If you no longer require an answer, edit the module and select the bin icon.


Did you know?
If you are adding a poll, all the answers must be on the same page, they cannot be added across double-page spreads. This is to support single-page mode.


Select the Settings palette for the following options:

  • Title
    Give the module a concise and informative name.
  • Poll Bar Colour 
    Set a colour for the bars in the bar chart that shows the poll results. Different colours cannot be set for different options.
  • Scrollbars
    Tick this option if you would like to use scrollbars if the content of the pop-up box requires more space than
    the width and height permit.


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