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Disable Close can be found in the module settings for selected modules and prevents the reader from closing a pop-up module. To access this section, select a module that you have added to your page followed by the Settings palette.

How does it work?
Disable Close works by removing the cross fDisabl_close.jpgrom the top right corner and stops the pop-up closing if the greyed out area around the popup is clicked.

This effectively makes the pop-up mandatory as it requires the reader to complete a task that allows them to close the pop-up.

How do I set this up?
Select the module, then tick the Disable Close checkbox under Pop-up Style in the Settings palette.

Which modules support Disable Close?
See below for a summary of modules that support disable close and how they can be closed.

Module Can be completed by
Forward to a friend/colleague Submitting the form
Image gallery Viewing all of the images in the gallery
Multiple choice question / Survey / Self-assessment quiz  Answer all questions and submit answers
Join our email list Submit email address
Play video file in pop-up Watch video to the end
Play YouTube/Vimeo in pop-up Watch video to the end
More information pop-up Create a hyperlink that closes the current pop-up or navigates to another pop-up*

Javascript can be used in a hyperlink to:

  • Close a pop-up
    Use the following syntax javascript:ptiClosePopup(null); or ptiClosePopupLinkClicked(null) and add as a hyperlink in your More Information box. Replace 'null' with the bracketed text from the Module URL field for the module. 
  • Navigate to another pop-up
    Copy the text from the Module URL field for the module you wish to link to. Add a hyperlink in the More Information box and link to the Module URL.
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