Duplicate an issue

An issue can be duplicated by selecting the Duplicate button from the Manage screen


Duplicating an issue will create a completely independent copy of it.

When you select the Duplicate buttoIssue_to_duplicate.jpgn, you will be prompted to confirm the issue you wish to copy and select if you would like the interactivity to also be copied.

After selecting Continue you will be prompted to select a new destination for the issue (the publication that the issue will sit in).

All elements of the issue will then be copied to the new destination; this includes the design, interactivity and resources.

Bear in mind that publication settings, including styles, security and analytics, are not duplicated with the issue. If you have exported to a different publication from the original, you may need to recreate or adjust some publication settings.

A duplicated issue does not need to be placed within the same publication, it can be placed in a different or completely new one. The duplicate can also be placed within a different publication group.
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