Module reports: module specific data

When the page heading is expanded, you will be able to see the name, views and KPI information for all of the interactive modules. Clicking the blue number in the Views column will show you the data for that module. This screen will vary depending on the type of module selected.

The reporting data available for each interactive module is dictated by the type of module selected.

Here you can find a reference for the specific fields available for each module type.

Module type Data available Offline fields KPIs
Play video file, Play video file in pop-up, Play YouTube/Vimeo video in pop-up Visit email, Published visit, Video title, Video played date/time FLV URL, MP4 URL Video played
Image Gallery Visit email, Published visit, Gallery title, Gallery viewed date/time   Gallery opened
Social Network Sharing Visit email, Published visit, Share title, Share date/time   Share clicked
Multiple Choice Question, Self-Assessment Quiz, Survey, Join Our Mailing List Visit email, Published visit, Entry email, Entry score, Entry date/time, Questions and responses Competition title, Entry ID Competition entered, result seen
Link to a Webpage, Send an Email, Download a File, Link to a Product Page Visit email, Published visit, Link title, Link visit date/time Link URL Link clicked
Forward to a Colleague, Forward to a Friend Visit email, published visit, Forward title, Forwarded date/time, From email, To email From name, Message Form submitted
Poll Visit email, Published visit, Poll title, Poll vote, Poll vote date/time   Vote cast
More Information, Foreign language Visit email, Published visit, Article title, Article viewed date/time   Module opened
Please note:
There is no data available for the Jump to a page within this issue module.
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