Expected visitors

Expected_visitors.jpgAn expected visitor list is a group of email addresses that you expect to view a publication. To find out more about setting up a list click here.

The panel on the issue dashboard displays a table of all expected visitors list and the percentage of visits for each one. The percentage can be selected for a breakdown of data.

The following data is available to view:

  • Pie chart
    A visual representation of the percentage of 'visited' and 'not visited' people in the list. 
  • Not visited table
    A list of email addresses that are yet to visit the issue.
  • Visited table
    A list of email addresses that have visited the issue, how many times they have visited and the date/time of their first visit.


The data in both tables can be downloaded.

Tiger Tip!
The spreadsheet of not visited email addresses can be used to create a new expected visitor list or as a contact list to distribute an email reminder.


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