Getting started - interactivity editor overview

The interactivity editor is where you can add interactive content to your issue.

To begin select Manage for your issue followed by the Interactivity button.

Top tip!
The interactivity editor opens within the design of your issue, enabling you to add interactivity to your issue at the same time as the content. After selecting the Interactivity button, your issue will open and a tab called Interactivity will be selected by default ready for you to add your interactive content.


1. Interactivity tab
When selected, you can add/edit/delete interactive content in your issue.

2. Add Interactive Module palette
Select from a choice of interactive modules to add a new one to the issue. The modules are split into categories:




  • Play video file on page
  • Play video file in pop-up
  • Play YouTube video in pop-up
  • Play Vimeo video in pop-up
  • Image gallery
  • IFrame pop-up

More Information pop-up

  • More Information pop-up


  • Multiple choice question
  • Self assessment quiz
  • Poll
  • Survey


  • Link to a web page
  • Jump to a page within this issue
  • Send an email
  • Link to a product page


  • Download PDF file
  • Download JPEG file
  • Download PowerPoint file
  • Download Excel file
  • Download Word document


  • Join our email list
  • Forward to a colleague
  • Forward to a friend


  • Share to social network

3. Modify Module palette

Select from a number of options to modify a module: 

Modify type

Options available

Delete Module

  • Delete Module

Copy & Paste Module

  • Copy Selected Module
  • Paste Copied Module


  • Copy Module Settings
  • Paste Module Settings

Align Modules

  • Align Left
  • Align Center
  • Align Right


  • Align Top
  • Align Middle
  • Align Bottom

Distribute Modules

  • Distribute Horizontally
  • Distribute Vertically

4. Settings palette

Use this palette to edit module settings. This palette will be enabled if you have selected a module on the page.

5. Interactivity palette
Any interactive modules on the pages will be listed here. They are grouped into Left Page Modules and Right Page Modules.

6. Pages palette
Use this palette to add/remove pages and edit page properties, such as Page Title and SEO Optimisation. You can also reorder the pages in your issue from here.

7. Off-page area
If you are adding an off-page module, it can be positioned to the left or right of a page.  Please note: the module will open on the side of the page that it is positioned on.

8. Edit module content
Select a module on the page followed by this icon to edit the content.

9. Link module to panel
Select this icon to link a module to a panel. When the panel is moved or resized, the module will change with it.

10. Help box
When you hover over areas in the interactivity editor, a handy box containing help and tips will display.

Top tip!
Find out more about the interactivity editor in TigerLabs.
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