Issue settings

Issue settings can be found on the Manage screen for your issue and is available if your issue is unpublished.


Issue settings allow you to set or change the following:

  • Publication group
  • Publication
  • Issue name
  • Issue folder name
  • Lead Page (ticked if the first two pages of the issue are used as the cover. The system will automatically detect this)
  • Issue date (the date created)
  • Editor (name or reference)

These settings will not have any impact on the other issues of the publication as they are unique to the selected issue. 

Tabs for Template and TigerKit are also available on this screen. They can be used if you wish to set your issue as a template (allowing other documents to be created from it) or TigerKit (used by Authors to create new issues in TigerGenius).

Top tip!
If you change the issue folder name, any resource links used in the interactivity of your issue will change and require updating.
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